Do you work within the Events Branch? 

Why Not 
Train to be a Qualified Hygiene Marshal?

What's That And Who Needs It?

If you work in Events, whether as an Event Organiser, Event Owner, Hotel or Event Venue Manager or Owner, 


Do You Know Who Is Legally Liable in the case of a Super Spreader or similar Health Hazard occurring at your event, risking the health of you and your Event Participants ?

  • The Owner / Manager of the Location / Venue
  • The Event Organiser
  • The Event Agency 
  • ​The Event Owner or
  • ​The Project Manager
  • ​All of the Above!!

The Answer is All of The Above!!  

Unless you can show Documented Due Dilligence with a thorough Hygiene Concept and Risk Analysis liability could be 

When Events are up and running again you can be sure that you will need to produce a reasonable Hygiene Concept for scrutiny by the Authorities, as well as by the participants themselves, before being allowed to commence . 

In Our courses to become a qualified Hygienic Marshal we take you through the stages of producing a thorough, documented Hygiene Concept including a Risk Analysis of any given event that will minimise your risk of liabilty in the worst case scenario  of a Super Spreader or similar health hazard occuring during your event.
  • Made in Germany! : On-Line Seminars that will qualify you to the highest standards in Europe!
  • Seal Of Approval: TüV approved Certificates - Germany's leading Seal of Approval
  • Held By The Number 1 Hygiene and Safety Training Expert in Germany  - as  voted by Management Magazin.
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